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Difficulty: Expert Monday, January 27, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, January 27, 2020

3:16 am

4:54 am

Ng\1 guess
6:08 am

@KT - please read the US Constitution, replete with words like "trial", "jury", "convict", "judgment". It should be everything like a trial - including impartial jurors ("oath"). The House is like a grand jury. The Senate Republicans, in open cahoots with the White House, has mocked the constitution. Do not conflate what is happening with what is supposed to happen under the constitution.
7:49 am

Done 1guess
7:54 am

KT iI am quite sure as Diane mentioned it should be a trial. I am also quite sure that the founding fathers would be turning in their grave at the disgraceful bullyboy petulant lying of the current president who is clearly unfit for office unless you frankly don't care about truth or justice or as we would say in Australia, a fair go.
10:22 am

I did not say it wasn't a trial. I said it was not like a typical criminal power with supposed impartial jurors. Per the Constitution the Senate has sole power to try impeachments. THE SENATE - a political body which is presently ruled by the Republicans. To think they would be impartial is ludicrous - just as ludicrous to think that the House (ruled by Democrats) were impartial in their impeachment of Trump. @ Phil - what it "should" be and what it is are two different things - One is your opinion which does not count, the other is the constitutional process which is all that counts. Trump's petulance, while disgusting, is irrelevant as is his bullying. And if we start kicking out politicians for lying, there would be no politicians.
10:23 am

*power s/b trial in first sentence
10:24 am

I find the whole thing somewhat amusing, but mostly boring and a complete waste of time.
10:25 am

Very well put KnightTime
10:43 am

also I meant the process of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
11:18 am

good puzzle. not really an expert.
11:27 am

@Diane - my - the senate is in cahoots with the president. Wow!!! Who would have ever thought that would happen. And I suppose the House and its ruling Democrats are completely honorable, moral, and impartial? Not to mention not corrupt? And the democratic presidential candidates? Biden is as corrupt as any politician. Warren is a proven liar. The only Democratic candidate that I would even consider voting for is Tulsi Gabbard. She seems genuine and has guts. And yet the Democrats trashed her. Hillary called her a Russian asset. I can't think of even 4 people in all of Congress that are honorable.
7:07 pm

I love how, when faced with unassailable facts, folks resort to "what-about-ism". Not effective.
9:49 pm

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